Dummy Lipsum

Dummy Lipsum
This extension generates "Lorem Ipsum" dummy text (the text is taken from the Lorem Ipsum site).

A context menu option ("Insert Dummy Lipsum") is shown in the context menu when the cursor is in a form field (text field or text area). This option automatically fills this field with the dummy text.

"Dummy Lipsum" can try to detect the field size and fill it with the "correct" amount of text, or you can configure the default values (for each type of field).

The characters of the generated text can be replaced with some "special characters" (like ç, à, ü, Ф, ) defined by the user.

The default values used to generate the dummy text are configurable from the options window.

Dummy Lipsum is compatible with some WYSIWYG HTML editors:

If you are getting the error message TypeError: aResponse.getElementById("lipsum") has no properties read here how to fix it.

Localizations: bg-BG (SecretR), ca-AD (Sogame), cs-CZ (The Zero), da-DK (Joergen), de-DE (xeen), en-US (Sogame), es-ES (Sogame), fi-FI (tLei), fr-FR (Goofy, Country), he-IL (Yaron), hr-HR (Krcko), hu-HU (Edward), it-IT (gonzalopirobutirro, l0stintranslation), ja-JP (drry), mk-MK (Ivan Jonoski), nl-NL (David Hoepelman), pl-PL (vatzec), pt-BR (fernph), sv-SE (faffe, Lakrits), th-TH (willwill), zh-CN (yfdyh000).

Works with: FirefoxFirefox 1.5 - 9.*   FlockFlock 0.5 - 2.0


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