This extension allows users to select where are loaded the results of the search bar:
  • In the current page.
  • In a new tab.

The choice can be done easily from the search bar drop-down menu, by checking or unchecking the "Open in new tab" option.

It's also possible to modify this selection from the "Tabs" page in the Firefox options window ("Tools" > "Options..." > "Tabs"), by checking or unchecking the "Open search bar results in a new tab" option.

Localizations: ar (lord1980), ca-AD (Sogame), cs-CZ (kukulich), da-DK (Joergen), de-DE (Team, ReinekeFux), en-US (Sogame), es-AR (acushnir), es-ES (Sogame), fi-FI (npa111), fr-FR (Goofy), hr-HR (Krcko), hu-HU (Cashman), it-IT (Underpass), ja-JP (Kippis), ko-KR (xx1), mk-MK (Ivan Jonoski), nl-NL (markh), pl-PL (KosciaK), pt-BR (Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo), pt-PT (promatik), ru-RU (TLemur), sk-SK (wladow), sr-RS (DakSrbija), sv-SE (Lakrits), tr-TR (Celikbas), uk-UA (Sappa), zh-CN (fiag), zh-TW (kennith).

Works with: FirefoxFirefox 2.0 - 9.*   FlockFlock 1.0 - 2.0


Firefox options window