This extension modifies the "Write" toolbar button and adds an option to compose an email "with attachments".

It also modifies the "Reply" and "Reply all" buttons to add them the option "Reply with attachments".

When the user tries to send the email without attachments, he is warned about it and required to confirm his action.

Another feature of this extension is the scanning of the outgoing messages looking for "attachment keywords" defined by the user. If the message contains some of those keywords and has no attachments, the user is also warned about it.

Localizations: ar (nassimjd), ca-AD (Sogame), cs-CZ (mik), de-DE (Team erweiterungen.de, Archaeopteryx), en-US (Sogame), es-ES (Sogame), fr-FR (jojaba), gl-ES (mendinho), he-IL (urihart), hr-HR (Krcko), it-IT (Underpass), ja-JP (hachiro), mk-MK (renegade06), nl-NL (David Hoepelman), pl-PL (gronostaj), pt-BR (Claudio Bastos), pt-PT (lloco), ru-RU (Leonid M Postovski, Santiago26), sv-SE (Lakrits), tr-TR (muhengi), uk-UA (Sappa), zh-CN (rainofchaos).

Works with: ThunderbirdThunderbird 1.5 - 9.*


Modified "Create a new message" button  Options window